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Sunflower Harbor Homeless outreach gives out packs of supplies on first contact with homeless folks. On subsequent visits, they refresh these packs, replacing used up items. These packs are vital to these folks and also to breaking the ice to get a relationship started so that the folks will ask for other needs to be met. 

The blessings packs vary by season, but currently include hand sanitizer, 3 masks, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, granola bars, water, crackers, deodorant, sanitary wipes, bath wipes, socks, underwear, rain Pancho, dry shampoo, nail set, a washcloth, comb, small first aide kit, and printed information on local resources. 

We also include a spoon and pop top canned foods if wanted. 

Want to show your support for the rehabilitation and reintegration of the homeless population? Then this is an easy way for you! Donation goes directly  to Sunflower Harbor homeless outreach to buy all the items to create these blessings packs. 

Sunflower Harbor Homeless outreach also assists homeless folks in getting Identification, clothes, food, and a variety of other needs that they have, including housing and job placement. So, show your pride in their work for this invaluable project we have lovingly put together to support their cause. Sunflower Harbor can't do this without our help!

Check out for more info on the work they do and how you can help!